Driven by our strong belief that food brings people together, and our knowledge of traditional Egyptian/Middle Eastern cuisine, as a family, we wanted to give the heart of Arlington, Virginia a unique flavor with healthy food and great service. To give a warm and tasty reward to all hardworking people who want to join us in this age-old ritual of gathering around a table to enjoy meals made with love.


King of Koshary, is a family run and operated restaurant that was established in 2019 in the heart of Arlington, Virginia. Come to your King of Koshary to experience the Authentic Egyptian flavors and warm welcomes. We proudly serve our food with friendly service and delicious menu choices.

Feel free to stop by if you are in the Arlington area to experience authentic Egyptian cuisine made by our family! We are proud to say that we have a loyal local customer following, as well as fantastic reviews online.

We are here to cater for your weddings, birthday parties, conferences, meetings and all kinds of ceremonies. Please contact us for all your catering needs, we are ready to make your special date unique and unforgettable.

Excellent service

Our staff is more than glad due to the positive feedback of his service, although is always open to improve.

Variety of menu options

Our menu is designed to give you the tasteful experience of Egyptian/Middle Eastern cuisine.

Seasonal specials

Don’t miss out on our seasonal specials like seafood buffet and discounts. Stay connected to our website and social networks to know dates and offers.


Come and enjoy the King of Koshary experience by yourself now!

The whole family

Eating together, Staying together.

Superstar Amr Waked

Wonderful moment to share.

Pharaoh’s approval

King’s food.


Delicious food, kind and welcoming owner. Went for the first time today and we will definitely come back!

Emily Weiss

Visited as a guest in King of Koshary few times since the grand opening. I just want to say that, in addition to a nice meal, we had a delightful time. Have such an amazing people working there, just the right balance of friendliness and efficiency. Our thanks to the manager(s) for making such an amazing and delicious Buffett for Ramadan 👍 looking forward to visit it again soon 😊

Rosh Mado

Egyptian specialities that I have missed for quite some time – well prepared at reasonable prices

John T. Cummings

أحلى أكل بيتي مصري طعم و نفس رهيب لازم تجربوه و طبق الكشري حكاايه و بوفيه السي فود ملوش حل

Mohamed Samir